Abbey Golsby

Ms. Abbey has over 12 years vocal and three years piano experience.  As an accomplished performer, she has competed in and auditioned for University Interscholastic League (UIL) Solo and Ensemble, Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) Allstate Choir, and several choral festivals and talent shows throughout the continental United States.


Ms. Abbey has spent many years focused on independent vocal study with a concentrated effort on traditional instruction and Broadway/musical technique.  To enhance her ability to connect with her students, she has spent the last few years refining her skills on the piano. 


With a teaching style guided by compassion and patience, Ms. Abbey believes lessons should be personalized and adaptable to the varying needs of her students. Over the years, Ms. Abbey has integrated several genres into her instruction and everyday practice. Her favorites are jazz/blues, pop, and rock.  


Ms. Abbey knows that singing and playing the piano can be both fun, and at times, intimidating, but with encouragement and determination, students can accomplish anything!