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what is Muse Mantra

Muse Mantra is an academy that inspires beginners and accomplished artists to enjoy and excel in their art through deliberate practice and guidance. 

our Mission

Promote music & arts in our communities by attracting the best teachers from various faculties of arts who can help artists discover and hone their talents.

our Vision

Muse Mantra envisions a holistic society where music and arts will play a significant role in enhancing our communities’ wellbeing and happiness. 

what We Offer

Private music lessons both online & in-Studio tailored to fit the interests of each student. Real-time video streaming of the classroom for parents/guardians. Music production room and training. All music instructors are highly experienced in their craft and are screened & background checked before being hired. 

Tarab Ali

Tarab Ali


Tarab Ali is the founder and CEO of muse mantra. Previously, he worked in the oil industry that took him around the world from Texas to Angola to Saudi Arabia. 


Tarab grew up in India and spent his early years playing the violin with his school Orchestra. Even though he never got any formal education in music, Tarab kept his passion alive and after working for over 17 years in the corporate world, he quit his job to follow his true calling. 


With unwavering support from his wife Yumna, family and friends, Tarab launched muse mantra school of music & arts with a mission to help beginners and artists excel in music and other forms of fine arts.