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Adam Goodhew

Adam Goodhew is a dedicated cellist who has continued to develop his skills in cello performance for over 10 years. Originally from Rochester, New York, Adam was always surrounded by music. Both his siblings started music lessons at a young age and, soon it was his turn to pick up an instrument. What other choice than the cello!


After graduating from The Woodlands College Park Highschool in 2022, Adam has continued his education in both engineering and music at Lone Star College, Montgomery. Since being at LSC, Adam has been instructed by many distinguished cello professors. 


Adam has also been an active member of the Conroe Symphony Orchestra since 2021 and participates with many ensemble groups in the greater Houston area. One of his favorite activities is going to concerts at the Houston Symphony as well as local concerts of all genres. 


Like all crafts, Adam believes that cello playing constitutes a life-long journey which enables all to learn regardless of age. From having many different teachers, Adam knows that not every method works, therefore he is very eager to accommodate for every student and see what works best for each student!


Adam joins muse mantra faculty as a Guest Cello Teacher.

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