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Andres Ramirez

Andres Ramirez is a Music Production & Audio Engineering Instructor at Muse Mantra with over 8 years of experience.


Andres is a graduate of Icon Collective Music Production Program in Los Angeles, California. His education and experience have afforded him opportunities to work on numerous production projects for businesses, local companies, and credits on upcoming artists’ releases. 


His interest in music began at an early age when he was hired to DJ for local events. Over the years, his style has developed into blending grooves from old school hip-hop beats with heavy bass sounds.  Constantly growing as an artist, Andres has a portfolio with a wide range.  You can find his innovative compositions and creations on Spotify under the name SNAR3D. 


Andres has a teaching method based on the firm belief that the best instructor is a student who strives for education.  His approach, much like how he was taught at Icon Collective, is to create an enjoyable and fun experience where each lesson is personalized based on the goals of the student.  

Software Expertise: Ableton & Logic Pro

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