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Spring Guitar & Drums Fest


We are super excited to announce our next Guitar & Drums Fest to be held on Saturday, May 4th, 2024

Below are the details for the upcoming Concert:

Date:     Saturday, May 4th. 2024 

Time:    4 to 6 pm


Venue:  Amphitheater - The Recreation Center at Rob Fleming Park               

               6464 Creekside Forest Dr, The Woodlands, TX 77389

Cost:      $10 per student (non-refundable concert fee)

Please complete, review and agree to the Outdoor Performance Etiquette Agreement to confirm your child's participation in the concert. 

RSVP Deadline is Monday, April 1st, 2024


Outdoor Performance Etiquette Agreement

  • Respect ALL performers. Performers can hear and see you. Your actions and reactions, positive or negative, can impact the performers’ success.  Every student has invested time and hard work into their performance, so please show them the respect and courtesy they deserve.

  • Do not leave in the middle of a performance.  Although this is an outdoor venue, please plan so all your guests are settled prior to the start of the show. Once you arrive, please do not enter/exit the performance area unless it is a true emergency.

  • If you must leave the amphitheater area before the performance is over, quietly leave at a definite break in the music, at the end of a performance, or during the applause. Performers will not be permitted to leave until the end of the show.

  • You are welcome to bring drinks in a bottle or closed container. Snacks can be distracting so please plan accordingly. Be courteous and clean up any trash by using the nearest trash receptacles.

  • Cell phones, and other distracting devices must be turned off or set to silent/vibrate.

Thank you for your response!

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