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Jessie Madere

Jessie discovered her passion for singing, piano and performing at a very young age and continued to explore opportunities to learn by performing in musicals, choirs, and theatre productions through high school. 


Currently enrolled at Sam Houston State University, Jessie is pursuing a vocal performance degree with a minor in psychology. Prior to beginning her music degree, she took a short break to be a part of the Disney College Program internship as a character performer. 


Jessie looks forward to graduating in May of 2023. She enjoys performing in the SHSU opera program and has done her fair share of solo performing in community musical theater and singing musical theater repertoire.


Jessie enjoys sharing her knowledge of music and believes music is one of the best ways of self-expression and a wonderful way to build self-confidence. She is familiar with various musical styles from contemporary modern styles to classical to musical theatre. 


Jessie works to help aspiring performers learn how to use their voice in the healthiest and most sustainable way possible.  With piano students, Jessie focuses on theory, technique and foundational skills.  She is knowledgeable in many genres and can help a student excel in whichever area they are passionate about.  Jessie joins the muse mantra team as a vocal and beginner piano teacher.  

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