Matt Yalcin

Showing a love for music at an early age, Matthew began piano lessons at the age of six. He received classical training including music theory, reading sheet music, musical expression and performance, and more— studying classical, jazz, blues, rock, and modern piano music.  Matthew advanced his training for several years under the instruction of master teacher John Weems, receiving the highest score for three consecutive years in the Forum Auditions with the UH Moore’s School of Music.


Throughout high school and early college, Matthew also studied guitar (electric, acoustic, and classical), electric bass, singing, songwriting/arranging, and music production; he subsequently began releasing his own music and performing in bands as well as solo.


Since earning his Bachelor’s degree from UH in 2015, Matthew continues to teach, write, and perform music around the greater Houston area. He has performed as a pianist, guitarist, bassist, and vocalist for a variety of music— from Gospel, Hymns, and Christian Contemporary music, to Rock, Pop, Country, and Jazz.


Matthew’s mission is to inspire students of all ages and experience levels to feel proud of learning new skills, to have fun achieving their creative goals, and to discover how rewarding it is to share in the joy of music.