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Shelby Stroud

Shelby has over  23 years of performance experience spanning both vocal and instrumental categories. She started her singing career alongside country musicians such as Kacey Musgraves, Miranda Lambert, and LeAnn Rimes. By age 6, she was singing at “Johnnie High’s Country Music Revue” in Arlington, Texas. 


Shelby received her Bachelor of Music in Vocal Music Education from Oklahoma State University in 2019.  She spent years traveling throughout Europe singing choral music and has sung with musicians like Hans Zimmer on his world tour, performed with The Dallas Chamber Choir, and the Dallas String Quartet. Her featured solos are available on Spotify. 


Shelby earned her Master of Music in Choral Music at the University of Southern California in 2021. She sang with groups such as Voces8 and participated in many recording projects as a soloist in Beverly Hills, CA. Following her time at USC, Shelby continued teaching voice and piano while also teaching in the classroom. 


Shelby has played piano for most of her life and has over 8 years of teaching experience. She likes to begin with basic fundamentals to ensure development of healthy habits. This includes scales, chord inversions, and agility exercises as a groundwork for warm-ups. Shelby believes a combination of music literacy and chord chart recognition to ensure the most success. Once a student shows their particular level of aptitude, she loves to assign appropriate yet engaging repertoire.


Over the years Shelby has also perfected her skills with music production software. She uses Logic ProX to compose her own songs, as well as mix, edit, and arrange the work of others. In a music production lesson, students can expect to come away with the tools needed to effectively experiment in the studio, or actualize music concepts stirring around in their head through the use of software.  She encourages students to find their own style and experiment with new sounds and loves learning new ways to incorporate MIDI software into her own music.  


Shelby is an avid coffee fanatic and plant lover in her free time. She regularly gardens and explores new ways of brewing coffee, as well as spending time with her three pets. She is thrilled to be on the muse mantra team as a piano, voice and music production instructor.

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