Ms. Stephanie Sawyer

"Sharing the Joy of Music" is the motto of Stephanie Sawyer who graduated from the Moores School of Music at University of Houston. She has been spreading that joy on the piano with children, teens, and adults for nearly thirty years and has seen it catch hold, and turn out thriving young college musicians. 


Ms. Sawyer specialized in piano pedagogy with close direction from the college specialist. She also minored in church liturgy and has served as choir director. She frequently enjoys community performance and is always ready to share her love for the piano when petitioned.


One of Ms. Sawyer's greatest strengths in teaching is that creative gift of assisting the student in overcoming obstacles. Her skill with word play has proven continuously successful. She is an encourager from the beginning and all will find her most enthusiastic. She regularly is aided by her well developed reference pedagogy and performance library. 


It is a well known fact that Ms. Sawyer is a classical pianist and she loves hymnody as well. She frequently plays Christian preludes for enjoyment and the church. Some of her students have gained from this repertoire in their technique. Taking opportunity to widen her studies of Chopin while living in Paris, she still leans heavily toward early classical music and her great love for J. S. Bach. 

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