Summer Music Lessons Pack

Get your loved ones a special gift by registering them for music lessons this Summer! Everyone loves music and Summer Holidays. We’ll do the work for you and you can save $75.00 at the same time.

Parents of current students can give this special gift to student's siblings, other family members, or friends.


Get this summer special and we’ll prepare a special package for the special person in your life to include:


  • One month of music lessons certificate ($135 value)

  • $15 Registration voucher

  • A  water bottle for the summer


Plus instrument-specific goodies such as:

  • Drummers get drum sticks

  • Guitar players get Snark tuners

  • Voice and piano students get special music theory flashcards


 Original Value: $174 

 Your cost:  Only $99!

 Savings: $75 

It’s EASY to redeem!

Simply do any of the following:

  • Fill the form below and our front desk contact you within 24 hours to set up your Summer Package.

  • Call us at 936-267-2958, or

  • Stop by in person at 3335 College Park Dr, Suite 500, The Woodlands, TX.

We’ll take care of the rest.

Please fill the form below and our front desk will take care of the rest for you

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