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The #1 goal at muse mantra is to help kids & adults learn and appreciate music. Therefore, our teachers & staff work hard every day to make learning more comfortable and fun for the students.


Call us today to know why 475+ students and their families love muse mantra!

We offer lessons for Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Ukulele, Drums, Voice, Violin, Cello, Flute, Trumpet, French Horn, Oboe, Adapted Music Lessons & Music Production / Audio Engineering.

who we are

We are a premier music school in the Woodlands, TX, offering both In-Person and Online music lessons for Piano, Guitar, Drums, Voice and much more. 

why muse mantra

Our music instructors have extensive experience in teaching and are background checked. We also offer Adapted Music Lessons & Music Production. We offer opportunities to perform in recitals twice a year in state-of-the-art auditoriums. 

We are located on College Park Drive right across The College Park High School and the Lone Star College in the Woodlands, TX.



Shanna N, The Woodlands, TX

My 5 year old is learning piano here and their teachers have been amazing at teaching her in a way that keeps my daughter interested. So much so that we just increased her lesson time, because she always wants more :)


Joanne L, The Woodlands, TX

We love Muse Mantra. They're not just teaching technical ability, but also inspiring and nurturing personal expression and joy in music. The school brings out the best in learning musicians and feels like family.


Aish M, Sugarland TX

Muse Mantra is one of the best things that happened to my Son. The Piano Teacher pushes my son to play some complex compositions while at the same time making it fun, and to think it is online!!! The communication is clear, service professional, and their passion for music shows in every interaction... Highly recommend 

Music lessons can help your kids build their self-esteem from a tender age. This way you don't need to worry much about this problem later on in life. 


If you're considering enrolling your kid in a musical class, but you are not sure of the benefits it has to offer, then you should read on. 


Listed below are some of the benefits of attending music lessons at Muse Mantra School of Music and Arts in The Woodlands, TX. 

Music Lessons Increase IQ

According to several studies, particularly that of E. Glenn Schellenberg, it has been established that music lessons increase the IQ of children. Various brain scan processes also revealed that activity in the brain is increased after musical training. Training also aids brain growth.

Music Lessons Instill Discipline and Patience


The learning of musical instruments teaches children how to be patient. This is because the process of learning most musical instruments is in stages. For instance, before you can master playing the violin, you first need to learn how to hold the violin, followed by holding the bow, and lastly where to place your feet. 


Learning instruments also teaches kids how to persevere. They learn the act of persevering by continuous practice.


Music Lessons Increase Self-esteem 


Music lessons are a perfect avenue for children to learn how to accept constructive criticism. Accepting negative feedback and building on it to produce positive results is a great way for children to build their self-esteem. For instance, when students play in groups, they understand that not everyone is perfect and that they can't play at the same level. This makes them understand that there's room for improvement and that by constantly improving, they can play at any level. 


Music Lessons Increase Academic Performance


According to Lynn Kleiner, originator of Music Rhapsody in Redondo Beach, music and mathematics are entwined. By understanding the rhythms, scales, and beats, you also find it easy to understand important areas of mathematics which include, fractions, divisions, and pattern recognition. Also, the use of musical instruments is a way to introduce children to physics from an early age. For example, the use of violin and plucking of guitar strings helps children learn sympathetic and harmonic vibrations. Non-strong instruments like drums also help kids understand different scientific principles. 


Playing Musical Instruments Develop Physical Skills


Some musical instruments (percussion instruments) help children to develop coordination skills. Through the regular playing of these instruments, children can move their feet and hands simultaneously. An example of this is the ability to use both left and right hands effectively through piano lessons.


Music School Exposes to Other Cultures

Through musical lessons, children can understand the values and roles of music in other cultures. For example, by playing bingo and timbales, children can understand the Cuban and African styles of music. Also, by learning how to play the modern violin, kids can become exposed to classical music which was invented by German and Austrian Musicians. Understanding different cultures help children to become open-minded from an early stage. This way, relating with other cultures will not be difficult for them when they are of age.


Now that you know the benefits that your kids stand to gain from music lessons, then you shouldn't hesitate to enroll them in our music school. Our music lessons in The Woodlands, TX are perfect for them. 

Call or text us today at (936) 267-2958

Top Rated Music Lessons in The Woodlands, Texas

Muse Mantra School of Music & Arts is located in 3335 College Park Drive, Suite 500, The Woodlands, TX. 

For additional questions you can call/text us at (936) 267-2958 or you can find us on Google or  Yelp

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