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Give yourself & your child the gift of music


Your friends and their children are enjoying music lessons with Muse Mantra and they want you to learn music with us too.

As a token of appreciation, both you and the friend who referred you will get a $20 Amazon Gift Card at the start of the 2nd month following your sign-up. 


** If you are referring someone, copy the link to this page and send it to them to sign up. 

** The referrer has to be a current or past student of muse mantra.

Tuition Fee & Discounts


  • We provide 30-minute lesson once a week (4 times a month) for $150 per month (except for Vocal/Voice & Music Production lessons). 

  • Tuition for Vocal/Voice lessons is $160 per month. 

  • Tuition for Adapted Music Lessons is $175 per month. 

  • Tuition for Music Production (1 hour lesson per week) is $250 per month. 

  • We also offer 20% sibling discount, 20% Veteran and 15% Law Enforcement & Senior Citizens discount. Inform our front-desk if any of these discounts apply to you.

  • There is a one time registration fee of $40.

Fill out a simple form below and our front desk will contact you within 24 hours to complete your enrollment. 

Referral Program
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