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Piano Lesson

The First Piano Lesson—What Should You Expect?

Your musical journey can start from a simple search like “music school near me”. From the results retrieved, you can analyze and select a school of your choice and set out your journey. However, there is always one question that troubles every novice—what do I expect in a piano lesson? Well, even though the learning strategies vary from one school to another, there are several things that an ideal piano class will have. Let’s take a look.

Things to Learn in a Piano School

Interacting to Know Each Other

Every piano lesson is interactive. Throughout the training period, you will be interacting with your teacher. Therefore, it is imperative to build a good rapport with your teacher to build confidence and learn better. The first lesson is a general introduction that aims at breaking the ice.

The Teacher Assesses Your Skills

Some students come with prior experience, perhaps because they are self-taught. Others are absolute beginners—which is also okay. In the first lessons, the trainer has to assess how conversant you are with the piano before defining the way forward.

Basic Sequential Exercises

Whether you are experienced or not, your trainer won’t jump into complex concepts like Beatles, Bach, and compositions. They begin from the very basics—like patterns and keys so they can ascertain your foundation is okay.

Quarter and Half Note

The trainer now introduces you to rhythm using simple songs to practice how to position your fingers and coordinate keys well. In these initial rhythm piano lessons, you will be learning Quarter and Half Note—the commonest in these simple songs.

Piano Finger Numbers

Here you learn what finger should be on what note, and how to apply that when playing. Number one is usually the thumb, which progresses up to the pinky finger, number five.

Any Music School Near Me?—The Woodlands, TX

At Muse Mantra, we have professional pianists with excellent training skills to help you build a worthwhile career in the piano. So, why not start today?

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