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Cadence Jimenez

Cadence was introduced to music from a very early age as her parents were in the music academia. She eventually fell in love with the Oboe and has been playing it for the past twelve years performing in ensembles for her school and local orchestras. She has also been teaching and sharing her love of the instrument for the past five years.


Cadence is a Board Certified Music Therapist with a bachelor's in music from Sam Houston State University (SHSU). She has over two years of music therapy experience working with different pupils. While pursuing her degree at SHSU, Cadence also got multiple years of experience with Piano and Music Theory. She has played with the Conroe symphony for many years and taught oboe lessons in Klein ISD.


Cadence works to keep her music lessons engaging and fun for the student hoping to share and spread the love of learning and playing music! She strives to build students' confidence and help them grow as a musician.


Cadence will be taking Oboe Lessons, Piano and Adapted Piano Lessons at muse mantra where she aspires to grow as a music teacher and music therapist.

Adapted Music Lessons

The purpose of adapted lessons are to meet the needs of neurodiverse students. Though not required, it is best practice for a Board Certified-Music Therapist, or a person who specializes in working with neurodiverse communities to provide lessons of this caliber.


Adapted lessons—often on piano—range from making student specific accommodations to traditional piano lessons, to more complex modifications. Adapted lessons can also look like a mix of musical games, and music exploration without the standard expectation of learning musical notation; and in some cases, not using the piano at all, or minimally at best.


As with all lessons at Muse Mantra, adapted lessons are tailored to each person’s individual interests, learning styles, needs, and goals. 

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