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Candice Clayburg

Candice is a warm and welcoming voice and piano instructor who understands every student has a unique way of learning. Currently attending Lonestar College in the vocal program, Candice is pursuing an associate in arts in Music. Following graduation, Candice plans on furthering their education in music by transferring to Sam Houston State University. With an eye on the future, Candice would like to maintain a vocal studio and continue with vocal performances.

Candice began singing in their church choir at four years old and started to train classically in voice in 2018. Accomplishments include receiving gold at the Texas Solo and Ensemble competition, Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) All-State at both the high school and collegiate level, being a member of multiple ensembles, including Chamber Singers at Lonestar Montgomery, and an active member of a local alternative rock band.

Candice believes that a fundamental foundation of music theory is essential for all students and takes satisfaction in teaching theory to both piano and vocal students, whether it is learning the notes of the treble clef or analyzing complex chord development.

When free time presents itself, Candice enjoys baking, practicing guitar, and writing music. Candice joins the muse mantra family as a piano and vocal instructor.


Piano Lessons

Candice likes to begin piano lessons with scales, rhythmic exercises, and/or arpeggios, depending on the students' abilities.  Exercises to help strengthen and coordinate the hands are also incorporated into each lesson. Each student is assigned a repertoire that best matches the skill level and the students are also encouraged to choose one or two songs to learn in addition to the more traditional repertoire.


Voice Lessons

With vocal students, the student will start lessons with simple breathing methods and unvoiced exercises. Students will then perform vocalizations to develop legato vs. staccato singing and various dynamics. Additionally, we prefer to include ear training in the voice lessons to help students sing different scales. Following warmups, they will be assigned a song that matches their skill level while also challenging the student.

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