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Maria Kachikian

Ms. Maria Khachikian is an accomplished pianist who’s teaching experience extends over 30 years.  Born into a musical family, she started her journey at 6 years old, following in the footsteps of her father, grandfather, grandmother, and aunt, all of whom were gifted musicians. 


A graduate of Armenian National Conservatory with her master’s degree in music, she moved to California where she enjoyed teaching students of all ages.  While in California, Maria was an active member of the California Music Teachers Association and National Guild of Piano Teachers.


Maria understands every student is unique and uses diverse methods based on abilities and goals. One of her most popular approaches to teaching uses the “Russian School of Music” method which includes theory, technique, and the special approach to touch of a piano.  Using this method, students learn how to develop and improve piano skills with an emphasis on hand position and emotional state when playing.

In addition to her vast teaching experience, Maria has spent years as an accompanist, a strength proven to be of great value over the years in the development of her students. 


We are excited to have Maria join the muse mantra family as a piano teacher.

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