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Michael Pint

Michael Pint is a seasoned musician and composer with ten years of flute-playing expertise and a four-year journey as a composer. Michael's passion for music has led to remarkable achievements, including winning the 2019 and 2020 California Baptist University Composition Competitions, and one of his compositions had its premiere at UCLA's iconic Royce Hall.

In addition to his classical musical pursuits, Michael brings seven years of experience in the world of marching band, with four of those years spent in leadership positions. Over the years, he has honed his ability to inspire and lead, qualities that serve him well in his teaching endeavors.

Michael's commitment to musical education extends to his academic achievements, including the completion of upper-division college courses in Music Theory, Counterpoint, Conducting, and more. With a wealth of musical knowledge and a passion for nurturing young talent, Michael Pint is dedicated to sharing the joy of music with the next generation. Michael joins the muse mantra team as a guest flute teacher.

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