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Music Production

Ages 12 & up

Within the realm of music, music production is the most versatile. From invigorating beats to the vocals that you love, it's the quality of the production that separates a good song from the rest.

During one-on-one lessons with our instructor, you will be able to learn all relevant aspects of audio engineering and music production, from the basics of Music Theory to arranging, recording, mixing, and mastering. Working in the music style of your choice, we will cover not only the practice of using electronic instruments or virtual sound generators but also the basics of recording and processing vocals and live instruments.


Giving thought to the abundance of information in this course, music production lessons' age requirement is 12+.

The student should know his/her way around a computer (PC or Mac) and be ready to learn new software and basics of Music Theory.

At home, it is recommended that the student have access to the following equipment:

  1. Computer (PC or Mac)

  2. One of the following DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) programs installed on the computer: Ableton Live, FL Studio, or Logic Pro

  3. USB Audio Interface with Over-ear Headphones.

  4. Non-USB Microphone.

Some Audio Interfaces come with a free version of one of the above mentioned DAW programs. If you need help and advice with choosing and purchasing any part of this equipment, our instructor will be happy to help.

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