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How To Start Healthy Habits Of A Successful Musician

Updated: May 21, 2022

Many people may not understand the amount of work it takes to have successful music out. Just like any other vocation, you require a lot of work to become a success in the industry and sell millions of records like your favorite artist. As a musician, your habits are the building blocks that determine how successful or mediocre your music career becomes over time. We can spend all the time trying to find the hidden tips to succeeding in the music industry, but one thing is for sure, your habit determines your success. Whether you are taking instrument lessons or a business course, it is important to form habits that, when consistently pursued, can result in long-term success. This article will look at the healthy habits of a successful musician you can incorporate today.

Take Care Of Yourself

Your physical and mental health is important for your music career to see any success. When you want to establish yourself as the biggest in the game, you need to do it while in the best shape possible, both your body and mind.

You should consume healthier meals that are balanced with plenty of water to make sure your body operates optimally. This should be coupled with some kind of exercise, both cardio and body strengthening, to ensure you burn fat while building muscles. Exercise will keep your mind sharp, focussed, and working longer to ensure you are getting all your work done.

Similarly, successful musicians take care of their mental health. In the recent past, we have witnessed several musicians talk about the importance of having healthy mental health to perform at your best state. The journey to stardom is lonely, and some musicians lack support from family and friends, which can negatively affect the artist’s morale. You should practice mindfulness to release any stress that may affect your mental health.

Create A Work Schedule

Working on being the best musician requires time, and since we all have the same number of hours each day, successful musicians have a schedule that helps them utilize this time. Scheduling every hour you are working on your music is important, if not necessary, to ensure you are not wasting any time. This will ensure that you have all your priorities in check every time and that these priorities lead to your ultimate goal.

Make sure you have scheduled every date you intend to work on your music and allocating every task with a timeslot that indicates how long the task is to be done. This scheduling will force you to establish a routine that enhances your efficiency while working on your music.

Keep Learning

As a beginner musician, there is a lot you need to know to become successful. This becomes complicated if you are broke and working on your music solo. You need to be an artist, a songwriter, a manager, a producer, and your own biggest fan at a go. All this can be achieved by taking in enough material in different forms to learn whatever skill you need in your arsenal.

The internet has simplified how we get educational materials with platforms like YouTube. When you are struggling to understand a particular tool, a tutorial on Youtube can come in handy. Similarly, platforms like Skillshare can help you understand any topic to help you succeed.

We advise listening to podcasts, audiobooks, watching tutorial videos, and reading a ton of blog posts and articles on music and the tools you are using. When this is coupled with the next tip on our list, success might be closer than you initially thought.

Practice Your Skill

Practice! Practice! Practice! This has and always will be the best way to acquire and perfect a skill. While learning is the consumption of knowledge, practice is the digestion that allows this knowledge to become useful. As a musician, spend adequate time practicing your voice, music instrument, and your performance.

Many famous and successful artists have spoken of the 10,000 hours rule, popularized by Outliers author Malcolm Gladwell. This rule states that it takes 10,000 hours of intensive practice to achieve mastery of complex skills and materials. You need to write as many songs and sing them repeatedly to master your best music yet.

Network As Much As Possible

No matter which industry you get into, your network remains your net worth. As a musician, spend time socializing and meeting new people from producers, choreographers, managers, to even investors. The more you meet people, the more your music gets showcased, and you understand the music industry as you grow.

People are always drawn to people who have value so ensure that all your interactions are meaningful and give more value than you are asking for in return. Being nice and a person of good cheer will help you interact easily with others and make you approachable and remembered in the long run.

Take Care Of The Business Side Of Music

Becoming a successful musician requires you to build a brand that can compete in the industry. This involves building the business side of your career and focussing on establishing partnerships and associations that guarantee returns on your music.

You can leverage the internet to access and reach out to gigs, promoters, or even events to pitch your brand. This may require you to send and reply to emails and get the conversations going.

Engage Your Audience

Your fans are your greatest asset and will mostly determine the success of your career. You might not know how big your fanbase is as a beginner, but this should not discourage you. People will start resonating with your music over time, and as you continue to create engaging content, your brand will continue to skyrocket, resulting in a huge fanbase.

Use social media platforms to engage your fans and keep your brand ringing in their heads. Answering questions from your fans and engaging in meaningful conversations will help your brand stand out, giving you a loyal fanbase that is sure to help you succeed.

Remain Consistent

Consistency is key to achieving anything in this world. Set goals, both minor and major, and ensure any effort you put into your craft aims towards those goals. While most musicians lose hope at the initial stage of their careers, setting and crushing smaller goals as you grow can help you remain consistent over time.

It will take you more than talent to become a successful musician in a period where there is countless music being released each day. And, if you are looking to learn a new musical instrument, feel free to visit for lessons that are tailored to fit your individual needs. We offer various classes where you can enjoy violin, drums, and piano lessons in Woodlands.

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