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Sarah Dooley

Sarah’s interest in music started at 10 years old playing trumpet in her school band. A year later, she switched to the French horn and continued to play multiple instruments through college.


Growing up in Albuquerque, Sarah had the opportunity to participate in the Albuquerque Youth Symphony and the New Mexico Music Educators Association All-State bands and orchestras.

A recent graduate of Harding University, Sarah was awarded her Bachelor of Arts in Music and has over 13 years of piano and guitar experience.  Her never-ending quest for all things musical led her to pursue the cello, ukulele, and most recently the harmonica.  

With a strong understanding of theory and technique, Sarah believes anything is possible when students are confident in their knowledge and ability to play an instrument. Her goal is to instill a lifetime love for music while providing a well-rounded learning experience tailored to her student’s individual needs and goals.

Although classically trained, Sarah also enjoys teaching pop songs, musicals, and anything that sparks an interest in her students. She joins the muse mantra family as a piano, guitar & trumpet teacher.

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